Keywords are the main words that bring people to your website and to your business online. If you want people to type your services into Google and find your business, then your keywords need to be your business. These need to be the correct keywords for your business though.

It’s essential that you choose and find the right keywords to increase the visibility of your business on search engines like Google. You can only boost your visibility on search engines if you know what keywords you want to be found for. By creating a list of keywords that your target audience use, and you want to be found for, you will be able to create content for your business. This content, with the correct keywords for your business, will then get you found by your target audience.

When you are optimising your business website, your priority should be keywords. Think about the keywords that are most frequently searched by your target audience. These are the keywords that you need to optimise your website and online presence with. In turn, this will help you reach a wider audience, which will you increase the number of people that see and want to buy what your business offers.

However, the more common keywords that you want to be found for will have very high competition online. They can often have a low conversion rate too. This means that you can work a lot harder to get the traffic to your website for the chosen keyword. However, the traffic you get to the website might not purchase your business offerings.

In addition to thinking about the keywords your target audience are looking for, think about the queries that they are searching for too. For example, if you sell umbrellas, your keyword will be umbrellas. But you can go further than this too. You can use longer tail keywords such as patterned umbrellas, elephant umbrellas, pink umbrellas, Disney umbrellas and more.

These longer-tail keywords will make your online marketing more targeted. By using these correct keywords for your business, you are finding people that are looking to buy the product or service now. For example, when people search ‘umbrellas’ online they are looking to see what types are out there. They they may or may not make a purchase at that time.

If somebody is looking for a pink elephant umbrella, they know exactly what they want. Therefore, they will be more likely to purchase from you. The competition will be lower as fewer people sell pink elephant umbrellas. Your conversion rate will be higher too.

Think about the correct keywords for your business. If you need help with SEO content writing for your website, call our team. Our content writers can help you decide on the best keywords for you. They will also help you with how they can best be used in your content.