There are so many ‘bad companies’ out there. With the world moving towards the online trend anyone can claim to b selling anything. This makes it harder than ever before to know who you can trust. We have shared numerous spam email warning blogs in the past that show how ‘bad people’ are trying to scam and con business owners.

As an online business it is essential that you are seen to be trusted. So how can you build trust online?

In this blog post we have put together some of the many things you can do which will help you build trust online. These are as follows;

  • Use your website and social media profiles to add value. Give your audience value in what you are posting, whether this content of top tips, guidance, advice or even warnings. If you are sharing something that is of value, you will become trusted as you are not trying to ‘sell, sell sell’.
  • Make sure that you are present. If you are posting on social media platforms make sure you also respond to those that engage with your posts. Otherwise it comes across like a robot is posting and this can damage any trust and your reputation.
  • It is really important to be you and to be human. People buy people. By being ‘you’ you will build trust online as you are a real person, and you are being that real person. What is not to trust about that?
  • Make sure you connect with other people, like minded people. Having a good amount of followers online will help you build up trust. A good number is more than one or two, but less than thousands. You can never have good relationships with thousands of followers, so stick to a ‘good amount’.
  • Try and involve your audience. You can do this by asking questions, talking to them and engaging with them. Why not run a poll on your Facebook business page and use the results in a blog post. This shows your audience they are valued and you’re getting them involved too.

These are just some ways of how you can build trust online. Try them out for yourself and see how you get on!