Many of us have that dream client in mind. It may be a business owner of a set background, the business may be in a certain industry or the business is at a set number of employees or sales. There are lots of different things that can make up a dream client, but when you think about the sort of client that makes you happy, you will have your dream client in mind. But how can you attract your dream clients to your business? Well one way is through blogging!

Why not create a case study as a blog post. Talk about when you have worked with a dream client. Start by explaining the business, so the reader (your dream client) can see that the client is similar to them. Then talk about the problem that client faced and how you helped them overcome it. Talk about the clients real pain points. Explain the services you offer and how these helped the client defeat their pain points. In the next part of the blog post talk about the outcome, how the problem is fixed and how you made life better / easier for the client. At the end of the blog post use the clients’ testimonial to show what they thought of you. This will be real words from them that really back up how awesome you are.

You could also attract your dream clients though blogging about what you do for … industry. For example if you wanted to work with local hotels you could say how a florist helps hotels make a great first impression. This will be aimed at the hotel industry and they will want to read it, for snippets of facts or information that could help them. It will talk about how a florist could deliver fresh and beautiful flowers for reception. You could state a special offering for birthdays and anniversaries of employees or guests, as a nice treat to their room. These ideas are given to the hotel for free, but they will prefer to outsource to the florist instead of doing it themselves.

These blog posts can then be shared on social media to help them get in front of the right people. You could create a mailing list of hotels (in this example) in the local area and copy this blog post into the newsletter.

We have listed just 3 ways that you can attract your dream clients through blogging, but there are many more. Why not book a meeting with us to find out more?