We have come across loads of people recently that just aren’t fans of Twitter. Meanwhile, here at Creative Content Company we absolutely love Twitter. You can follow us on Twitter if you like, to see how we do it and what we chat about.

However, when people said they didn’t like Twitter it got us thinking. Why wouldn’t you like Twitter?

So, we thought we would put this blog post together that looks at how to attract clients on Twitter. In theory if you know how to attract clients on Twitter, then you will follow these tips, attract clients and then you’ll like Twitter again?

And that would be great; because we love Twitter and would love you catch up with you on this social media platform.

So, how to attract clients on Twitter?

  1. Create An Attractive Profile

If the profile picture is an egg, this isn’t very attractive. People want to see who you are or what you do. Using your own photo is recommended, or a logo if you would prefer. Regardless of which you choose, just don’t stay as an egg! Think about your bio too, talk about what you do and what you will tweet about to attract the right target audience.

  • Do Advanced Searches

Think about the sorts of things that your target audience are talking about. If for example you are a magician and there was a TV program about magicians on, search for people in your local area tweeting about the program. You can then engage with them in an interesting conversation. If you are an electrician looking for work, search for people searching for plumbers in your local area.

  • Check Out The Competition

As with all social media it is a great idea to check out what your competition are doing. Never, ever copy what they are doing. Instead look at the sorts of things they are posting and sharing. Observe what works and doesn’t work. Then look at ways you can use this in your own tweets.

  • Use Hashtags Correctly

Hashtagging every other word is not how hashtags work. Use your keyword (the thing you want to be found for) as your hashtag. Also make sure you use capital letters at the start of each word in your hashtag, otherwise you could end up with an embarrassing mistake on social media. Something you definitely want to avoid!

  • Run Promotions

Social media must be social, but there can be business promotion too. Think about ways you can engage your audience in promotions and competitions. Different competitions work in different ways, but it is always a good idea to think about the box when it comes to promotions and competitions on Twitter.

If you need help attracting clients on Twitter then give us a call. We would be only too happy to help.