If you are re-opening your business after the coronavirus lockdown you need to make sure your audience know. You may have been shut for a few weeks or even months. Your audience will want to know when you’re open again. They will be looking to your social media posts and website for updates on when you are re-opening.

You may think that having your door open on the high street will do the job. However, if your audience don’t know you’re open they might not come into town to see this.

Having a blog post on your website that explains you are open for business is a great idea. You can use the blog post to share your new opening hours, especially if these have changed. The blog will explain how you are reopening and the safety precautions you have put in place. You can talk about how you are meeting PPE requirements and social distancing recommendations, along with government guidelines.

The blog post to announce you are re-opening is a really good way of reassuring your audience that you opening in a safe way. It will show your audience you care about the safety of your employees and your customers too.

Your social media presence needs to be sharing this same message too. You can share information about your new hours and how you are meeting government regulations. These can be daily posts with a small bit of information and a photo of the business that is relevant to the post. As the days goes on it will help customers understand how they can purchase from your business again.

Having the blog post on your website gives you the snippets of content to share on your social media. You could share a snippet and a link back to the website so your audience can find out all they need to know by going to your website. You can always share more on your website than via posts on social media so the visitors going to your website will find out more about your business as a whole too.

If you are opening at a later date, why not run a countdown on your social media too? This could be 5 days til we open, 4 days and so on. Maybe have the promise of a special offer. This will help to support the announcement you are re-opening.

If you need help to announce you are re-opening with a blog post or social media posts then let us know. While some clients stay with us for months and years at a time, we can always offer smaller one-off services to help get you started?