We recently wrote a blog post about content New Year’s resolutions for 2019. It was called “What Is Your Content New Year’s Resolution?” and gave tips and pointers to help you write more blog posts or do more website content for your business website.

Some of you may have found this blog post really useful and taken the tips and pointers on board and be writing like crazy to ensure that this is the year that these content New Year’s resolutions are achieved.

However, others of you may still be struggling!

This is where this blog post may help you. Because we meet many business owners struggling to keep on top of website content and blog post we would like to make two offers for you to make sure that 2019 this resolution is achieved.

A page of SEO content for your website is around £40 per page. This is 300-600 words and it could be a services page, a re-write of another page on your website, latest news or a blog post.

Monthly SEO Content Offering – £60

We can create two pages of SEO content for you each month. This will be sent to you as a word document for you to upload to your website. At the end of the previous month we will check which page of content needs to be written, or offer blog posts or page suggestions to you.

Annual SEO Content Offering – £620

If you prefer you can make an upfront payment for the year, it will cost just £620 (giving you a massive saving) and you can all your SEO content either sent to you upfront for the year ahead, or we can send you 2 pages a month?

We want to help you plan your SEO content for the year ahead – if there is anything we can do to help then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you the best for 2019!