This is the third in our series of blog posts looking at how businesses coped through coronavirus. Two years ago, we interviewed a selection of businesses to see how things were for them, at the beginning of lockdown. Now we are asking a selection of businesses to look back over the last 2 years.

In this blog post we speak to Trevor about how TJ Pads coped through coronavirus. We have known Trevor and Julia of TJ Pads for many years. It’s been great to see, from the outside, their business growth and development. Now we are pleased to be part of their journey by supporting them with their online marketing.

So, let’s fine out how TJ Pads coped through coronavirus.

What Does The Business Do?

We have various strings to our bow but our main business pre-Covid was providing Serviced Accommodation for corporate clients.

How Did The Pandemic Affect Your Business? 

Although Covid had a massive impact, because we were providing accommodation for construction workers, we could continue during all lockdowns (although the online travel agents – Airbnb etc shut down or scaled back their operations).

What Has Changed In Your Business Over The Last Two Years? 

Because of the unknown, careful consideration has been given to the rate of growth we predicted in Serviced Accommodation, so diversification was the key. Because of the upsurge in property prices, we started renovating tired propertied to make them more modern and sellable.

What Were The High Points? 

Securing an accommodation contract for 60+ construction workers just before lockdown enabling us to continue operating during the worst times of Covid.

Have There Been Any Positive Outcomes? 

My wife Julia and I used the first lockdown period to streamline and automate our business which has enabled us to work smarter over the past two years.

What Have You Learnt From The Last Two Years? 

That life can sometimes be a tsunami and you just have to ride the wave.

Do You Have Any Advice / Words Of Wisdom For Other Business Owners? 

Teamwork and communication are the key points during any period in business. If you can keep these going from start to finish, you should be successful.

Have you had a similar journey or experience to TJ Pads? If you’re like to hear more about how TJ Pads coped through coronavirus, or want to know more about their business, you can visit their website here.