Looking for ways of bringing constant visibility to your business or brand? You might be surprised to hear that this doesn’t have to pay through paid advertising. Research shows that there is no paid ad that is as strong as seeing the brand, business or business offering in the top results when a consumer googles a related keyword. For small businesses to succeed at SEO it can be tricky, but when approached in the right way, it is possible.

To succeed at SEO for small businesses you need to be well positioned in search engines. This is how you can get the organic traffic to your website. It will help you build trust and authority in the minds of your target audience too. This is because it will be the first contact a lot of people have with your brand.

Being at the top of Google doesn’t mean that you need to invest in paid ads. However, SEO for small businesses will require some effort. As a small business, the best thing you can do is reduce your scope. You can then work back up from there. Think about the geographical area you are based or focus on an individual service or product.

Once you have closed in on your business you can better keyword plan. This can then assist with your content marketing, social media posting and link-building. The larger businesses will be focusing on the main keywords. Meanwhile your small business can pick up the low hanging fruit. These could be things like exact products instead of the umbrella term for the products, for example.

You can use your lower marketing budget to focus on less common and more specific keywords. This will still help your business get found but you won’t be fighting against the large businesses with a much larger marketing budget.

As a small business ourselves, we are great at helping small businesses succeed at SEO. Contact our small business online marketers now to find out more. All our pricing is transparent, or we can work to your budget.