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Posted by Hazel Cottrell |28th January, 2015 | Social Media Tips   


How NOT To Use LinkedIn

How NOT To Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another social media platform; it’s one of the oldest and can work really well for businesses looking to sell to businesses. But wait, I said ‘can work’, correct – if it’s done correctly LinkedIn CAN work really well and in this article we tell you how NOT to use LinkedIn in the hope you will be able to see how you really can make LinkedIn work for you, by doing it right.


As you can see in the image above, this is how you don’t use LinkedIn, there is no image of the person or details about them, therefore there is nobody to connect to and engage with. If a random person walked up to you at a bar and asked to be your friend, they gave you no name, no details about them and had a paper bag over their head would you be their friend?





I became aware of this person because they sent me a connection request, it was a connection request with the standard message and it hadn’t been personalised in any way. It was the standard “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” – it didn’t tell me who the person was, the reason they were contacting me or how they felt the connection would be beneficial to either party.

I have since responded to them on 7 separate occasions since November 2014 when the connection request was first sent, saying (in different ways) “Thank you for the connection request, I’m not sure we have met before, how can I help?” and I have had no response from the person, at all. Therefore I have not accepted their connection request.


I looked into this person a bit deeper and it turned out we had connections in common, in fact this person has over 500 connections and had even been endorsed for skills she has. I spoke to a few connections we had in common and none of the people I had spoken to had met her before or knew who she was.


This goes to show how irrelevant endorsements are – so when looking at a potential business to work with, have a look at their references instead as these are real and actually mean something. Also, don’t connect with people you don’t know, it’s just pointless and doesn’t achieve anything.


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