As you can see in the media, now is a very uncertain time for businesses. In fairness, it is a very uncertain time for everybody. Nobody knows quite what to expect or how things will change when the lock down is over and the world returns to ‘normal’.

We know that there is a lot of uncertainty in the business community. Many people in business are feeling alone and worried about the business. While we can’t fix that, we wanted to help as much as we could. We interviewed some of our clients to see how they were getting on at this tough time. This was done in the hope that business owners reading this blog post will see that they are not alone and other businesses are facing the same worries that they are.

In this blog post we talk to Maurice at Apex Litigation Finance Ltd so see how his business is coping through coronavirus. Maurice is the CEO of the business and talks openly about the effects on him and his business.

Please see below for what Maurice at Apex Litigation Finance Ltd had to say on 28th March.

Maurice at Apex Litigation Finance Ltd

What is the business name and what does your business do normally? 

Apex Litigation Finance Limited provides funding to allow corporates, individuals and insolvency practitioners to pursue access to justice.

What services do you use Creative Content Company for?

We use Creative Content Company for social media postings, website content and blog posts.

How has CV-19 affected your business? 

Too early to say, other than our sales activity has stopped.

Have you changed your service offering to go online / digitally – if so, how? 

Our service has always been available online. We are taking steps to drive more traffic to our website to enable greater access to our service.

What have you struggled most with during this time? 

The thing I have struggled with most is the personal impact of the crisis, rather than the business impact.

Have there been any positive outcomes? 

We believe that the crisis will create greater need for our service. Businesses will be more protective of their “cash in hand” so will look to third parties to fund their litigation. We also will benefit from the work of insolvency practitioners investigating the liquidation of businesses caused by the crisis.

Is your business closed for CV-19? 

Nope, still business as usual.

What is keeping you going every day?

 I am a self motivated individual. I am always working to provide a better future for my family.

What are you finding hardest during this time? 

I am an active individual by nature, so having a lot of down time is challenging. Also not being able to visit my family is hard.

What is your top tip for other business owners? 

See this as an opportunity to grow your presence or reputation. We are judged more on how we react when things are tough, or go wrong, rather than when “plod along”.

Please say something positive about CV-19.

 It appears to be bringing the British public together. I found the whole Clapping for the Carers experience humbling.

What does your new ‘day in the life of’ look like? 

A run, then work at the laptop.

Could you share a positive quote to keep others going?

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking.

So, as you can see Maurice at Apex Litigation Finance Ltd is coping well at this uncertain time and overcoming the challenges. Are you in a similar situation to Maurice at Apex Litigation Finance?

Please check out the website if you have read something of interest and want to find out more about the service they offer.