Here at Creative Content Company we work with a lot of small businesses, supporting them with their online marketing. As a small business ourselves, we know how busy things can get. We were amazed to come across some research via Google recently. This research showed that 70.8% of small businesses do their own online marketing.

This is roughly 7 in 10 of every small business that we meet???

The survey involved 1,008 small business owners and they were asked who does the online marketing for their business. Below we have listed the answers that those small business owners gave;

  • 49% of business owners admitted to doing all their own online marketing themselves.
  • Meanwhile 21.8% of small business owners said that someone in their team does the online marketing for their business.
  • An additional 17.3% of small business owners said that they do some of the online marketing in-house and they outsource some of the online marketing.
  • Only 4.4% of small business owners said that they outsource online marketing for their business to a contractor or 3rd party business.
  • Perhaps more worryingly, 7.5% of small business owners said they “don’t know” who does their online marketing. We can only presume this means it is not them.

So why do small business owners choose to do their online marketing themselves? In some cases, as a start up business you feel it is your baby and you don’t want to let go of anything. This can result in doing it yourself, but struggling to keep those plates spinning.

Some business owners have a background in marketing or think they know what marketing is. While this may help you save money in the short-term, it can result in your focus being taken away from what you’re really good at. This can mean serious damage to your business, or a slower growth as you are taken away from the main focus of running your business.

You may be surprised at just how low cost it is to outsource your online marketing. Why not call us now for a quote and see what you think?