Have you been wondering how many paragraphs your blogs need? As with all blog posts and SEO content, it’s quality over quantity. If you don’t have anything to say there is no need to add extra blog posts for the sake of it. Instead, you need to have good quality blog posts that include the information your target audience want, in a way they want to read it.

Generally speaking, each paragraph within your blog post should have one core sentence. The rest of the paragraph should just be elaboration that core sentence.

Paragraphs in your blogs will make the information and content you share more visible. This is because the white space, in between paragraphs, will break up the content. In turn this makes it easier for your target audience to read and understand.

There is no set length to paragraphs in blogs. They can be as long or short as you choose. The length of a paragraph is dependent on the topic. If there is a lot to say on the topic of that paragraph, then it could be many more lines than a shorter or less in-depth paragraph topic.

The paragraphs in your blogs could be anywhere from 2 to 17 sentences. However, when it comes to blog posts, we would recommend shorter paragraphs of 3-7 lines. This is because they are read online and reading from a screen is harder than reading a book, for example.

It doesn’t matter how many paragraphs you need in your blogs. What is important is what the paragraphs say.

When writing paragraphs for blog posts you should start with the most important sentence. You can then elaborate and expand on it. This way your reader will be able to get the information they need by reading a few sentences. You’ll pique their interest. They will want to read the rest of the blog post in full to gain the extra detail and information.

If you have longer paragraphs, you can conclude them with a sentence that summarises. This will help round up the blog post paragraph. It will also enable you to clarify your point or the information for the reader.

How many paragraphs do your blogs need? That’s not what is important! What’s in them counts, so focus on that instead of counting paragraphs. Need a hand? Speak to our Peterborough blog writers.