Have you started writing SEO content and got stuck on sentence length. There is so much research out there saying different things. However, here at Creative Content Company, we would always encourage you to think of the reader. SEO will get the reader there. But the reader will be the one reading the content. They will be choosing if they should buy from your business.

We would recommend that you keep this in mind when reading this blog about how long sentences should be for SEO content.

The key thing to remember is that short sentences will often be direct and to the point. Through short sentences in your SEO content, you will be helping the reader get the main points of the text without distractions. Long sentences may loom and sound more impressive. However, that’s only the case if they’re not diluted with filler words.

That said, your SEO content needs to be expressive. As we have already pointed out, you are writing for a real person, not just the SEO robot. The SEO robot won’t decide if a purchase is made – but the person reading the content will. Add a little personality into your content to help engage and relate with your target audience. But make sure the reader can find what they need without having to search through long and convoluted text.

SEO experts believe that sentences should be short and concise for good SEO content. It is recommended that SEO content sentences should be around 20 words long or less. While there are no guidelines for how long or short sentences should be, shorter sentences are better for readability.

Of course, the length of sentences in your content will depend on what you are writing about. It will also depend on your target audience and what they want to know. If you were writing content for a technical white paper or scientific article, then longer and highly detailed sentences might be required. However, the general rule of thumb for how long sentences in SEO content need to be is short and simple.

Our final tip of sentence length for SEO content is keep to the point and avoid the fluff.