Have you ever wondered how, or perhaps if, your connections on LinkedIn could lead to subscribers for your newsletter? In this blog post we share a real-life example of how LinkedIn leads to newsletter subscribers. We know it works because we have tried it ourselves. Below I have even included the message we sent. This will help you can see how easy it could be to convert LinkedIn connections to newsletter subscribers.

Now, before you look at our example, it’s important to note that we do LinkedIn differently to a lot of other LinkedIn management companies. We think LinkedIn is about relationship building. It shouldn’t just be about sales. If you feel the same as us, then we think you’ll like our example.

Just after the bank holiday weekend we went through our LinkedIn connections to see if they would like to be our newsletter subscribers. We chose 300 out of our 1,000+ connections. These were the people in business we wanted to get in front of every month. We wanted to let them get to know us better. We also thought they would find out monthly newsletter interesting, useful and relevant.

So, the following message was sent. We started friendly and ‘real’ by including what we did at the weekend. It’s important to state how frequent the newsletter is too. There is nothing worse than getting daily newsletters about ‘nothing’. By stating that the email newsletters are created and sent out monthly we are telling the reader what to expect and what they are signing up for.

Good Morning!

Did you have a nice bank holiday weekend? I was in Norfolk enjoying lots of sunshine and lovely walks.

I am just putting our monthly newsletter together and I wondered if you wanted to be sent it? If so, just drop me your email address.



Within 10 minutes of sending out these messages, we had 10 responses from people saying that they would love to be sent our newsletter. This was 10 LinkedIn connections that we had warmed up into newsletter subscribers. Who knows where their journey from there with Creative Content Company could go. That was all in less than an hour’s work.

Need help connecting with your LinkedIn audience? Maybe you want to create a newsletter for your audience too but you’re not sure where to start? We can help!