Here at Creative Content Company we are always banging on at you to make sure you update your websites regularly with weekly or twice weekly blog posts that keep your website active and are interesting for visitors to your website. However, one you have written and uploaded your blog post – what can you do next?

Ideally you would then share the blog post on your social media platforms so your high quality website content can be seen by all your fans, connections, followers along with everyone and anyone they choose to share it with.

But when it comes to your website content and blog posts, how is your content shared?

Research from Digital Marketing Philippines shows us that more than 70% of B2B (Business to Business) marketers use the ‘big four’ social media sites to distribute their content. The ‘big four’ social media sites, in this case, are classed as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. When looking at the other social media platforms, out of the B2B marketers in this research 55% use Google+, 34% use Pinterest, 22% use Instgram, 22% use Vimeo, 15% use StumbleUpon and only 14% use Tumblr.

From this research you’d think that social media platforms would be the best place to share your content wouldn’t you? Sadly you would be wrong because Social Media Today shows us something slightly different.

Social Media Today reports that only 28% of content sharing happens through the big social media networks that we have mentioned. The other 72%of content sharing takes place through ‘Dark Social’ – which really isn’t as scary as it sounds. Dark Social is the private sharing of website content that takes place behind closed and private communications such as emails, chats and mobile apps.

So what have you learnt from this article? We hope you take away that it is important to share your content through social media but think of other ways you can share it too, such as links at the bottom of your emails or via newsletters. Also remember that visitors to your website may come across your website content and they will share it themselves too – the Dark Social way.