We recently shared a blog post that looked at how much time small businesses spend on social media. We were really surprised at the results, but having spoken to other small businesses this does seem to be about right for them too. So, in this blog we wanted to look at the question; how is time spent on social media.

Postradamus recently did some research that looked at exactly this. They asked the question ‘how is time spent on social media’ to their business owners and they found that a total of 11 hours every week was spent on social media. But this wasn’t just spent on social media, but also the social media process.

For example, the research found out how much time was spent on each part of the social media process for a business.

  • 4 hours a week is spent looking at the customer service levels and engagement a business can and does offer through their social media posting.
  • 3 hours a week is spent creating a social media strategy and planning what to post on social media.
  • 2 hours a week is spent developing fresh content to be shared on the relevant social media platforms.
  • 1 hour a week is spent evaluating the social media, what is being posted, when it is posted and how it is working.
  • 1 hour a week is spent on content curation for the social media posts for the week ahead.

So, how would you feel if we could give you those 11 hours back each week? We can work on the levels of customer service and customer engagement you are offering. We will also create a social media strategy with you. This can be created for the next few months to make sure we post the right things for your business and brand.

We will create the fresh content for you. This could be new social media posts or new blog posts for example. These can then link back to your website to help direct traffic to where the real business is done. As social media managers we also review and evaluate our client’s social media campaigns and look at where improvements can be made.

So, who wants an extra 11 hours each week?

Based on this blog post and research; how is your time spent on social media?