When it comes to content writing, blogging and social media posting for businesses, we have no niche industries that we work with. With around 10 years experience blogging for businesses across Cambridgeshire, we have written content or completed marketing for most industries. However, in this blog post we would like to share how HR companies are helped by Creative Content Company and the services we offer.

One example is HR Your Business Matters. It is an established business in Peterborough run by Nicki. Nicki sent her employee Kate along to our social media workshop a few months back. This is what Kate had to say;

“Hazel did a really interesting and thought provoking presentation. It was on the role of social media within marketing. It was delivered in a fun way, which made it memorable. I absolutely loved it. Thank-you!”

Another example is Karen from KJHR Consulting. Karen was one of our first ever clients here at Creative Content Company. She needed some support with content writing, blogs and social media management. We met Karen at a networking event in St Neots. We quickly clicked and started supporting her on the marketing needs of her business. This is what she had to say about our work;

 “Hazel has been a valuable support to my business writing blogs and providing social media support on HR subjects. I am sure she knew little about before I sent them over to her! This support from Hazel enables me to focus on my business whilst this very important task is happening in the background. Hazel is professional at all times. I know that a number of my clients/contacts do not know that Hazel supports me on social media. This is done discreetly and under the umbrella that it is all me! I would definitely recommend Hazel.”

Our third example is Aspire Cambridge. Kelly from Aspire watched us on Twitter for some time and saved us ready for when she needed us. Kelly will often need blog posts at short notice for her website. These will be HR or recruitment based. This is what Kelly has to say about our content writing and blogging services;

 “We’ve been using their blog services for 12 months when we decided we needed to step up our blogging to move with the current issues on Social Media to gain interest and traffic. We often hit Hazel with a series of hot topics that we see breaking on the news. This can be very early in the morning. Hazel understands the need to be incredibly proactive with getting the blog back to us so it looks like we are right at the top of the news breakers. This is carried out to perfection and Hazel jumps straight onto it. We never worry something will escape her. She is incredibly customer focused. She has created around 50 blogs for us which creates a very healthy pool of material we can re-use to refresh our material online. It’s great that people think I am doing it. I love it that I have a secret ghost writer that is making me look social media amazing!”

If you are a HR company and wondering how HR companies are helped by Creative Content Company, hopefully this blog post has helped you. Alternatively, you are welcome to give us a call or book a meeting and we can talk through how we can help a business like yours.