Here at Creative Content Company, we do email marketing for our business. Every month we send out an email newsletter to our subscribers. This includes past and present clients, people we have met networking and subscribers through the website. We use our email marketing to build relationships and trust with our target audience. Email marketing is also used to increase our content reach.

We upload a brand-new blog post on our website every other day. These are always useful and informative blog posts. However, we know our audience have other things to do. They won’t be checking in to our website every few days to see the latest blog post. This is why we pick out 4-5 of the best blogs from the month before and put them in our email newsletter. It means our audience doesn’t miss out.

This is email marketing will increase your content reach. It means that people that missed the content the first-time round will still catch it. By sharing your blog posts and fresh content in your email marketing you will dramatically increase the reach of your content. The more reach you have for your content, the more visitors you will have to your website. The more visitors will result in more conversions too. All the while, Google will see the extra traffic to your website. Based on this, they will increase your SEO ranking.

Research shows that email subscribers are three times more like to share your content on social media. In reality, this means that your subscribers are then working for you for free, by sharing your content. As these subscribers further share the content, it increases the reach of the content and the longevity too.

Need help using email marketing to increase your content reach? Speak to our email newsletter creators or content writers now. They’ll be happy to have a chat over coffee about how email marketing can help your business.