In previous blog posts we have spoken about the importance of email newsletters and how they can help grow your business. However, in this blog post we look at how effective newsletters are for business. While they are something we do every month, we have included some real-life stats so you can see that they work for more businesses than just us.

Litmus did some research on the effectiveness of email newsletters for business. In their research they found that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you get a $36 return on average. This is more than money spent on marketing in any other area.

The Content Marketing Institute also looked at how effective newsletters are for business. In their research they found that 31% of B2B marketers said sending email newsletters was the best way to nurture leads.

Are you looking for new ways to nurture and care for existing or potential clients? Maybe newsletters could be an effective solution for you?

We also came across some stats from Statista on how effective newsletters are for business. Their research found that 49% of consumers are happy to receive promotional emails from the brands they love on a weekly basis.

If you were worried about annoying people by sending emails – maybe that stat from Statista will make you reconsider? Not only are consumers happy for a newsletter to be sent if it’s promotional. In addition, they are happy to receive those emails on a weekly basis. You just need to make sure that they are engaging, useful and what your audience want to know about.

One of the great things many people forget about an email list is that it is yours. This means that you have complete control over it. Unless a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe, then you can continue to deliver the valuable message they want to hear. Unlike social media platforms that could disappear overnight, you won’t suddenly lose access to this audience or how you contact them.

Need help making email newsletters effective for your business? Call our team of email marketing experts in Peterborough now. We will happily discuss and plan your email marketing schedule with you.