Option One: #FF@Everyone

This is when you will see #FF and then lots of names afterwards of random people you may never have heard of before. This can work well as a way to get your name out there as lots of people will retweet it and your tweet will be seen by others to, but will the person you are recommending to follow actually be followed?

Option Two: #FF @SomeoneSpecific

This is our preferred option; you choose a specific person and recommend that your followers follow them, giving them a reason why they should follow that person. It may be another business that has helped you in the week, a client that has recommended you, someone you have had a meeting with in the week and they have interesting things to say. Alternatively it could be a Twitter account that you think is really worthwhile following.

Twitter is great for getting your brand out there but also for engaging with people, Option One certainly helps you get your brand out there and lots of people will retweet the #FF tweet but are you really engaging through it?Option Two is an excellent way of actually thanking someone, it shows you as a company that doesn’t take peoples help for granted and it improves your relationship with the person you are recommending your followers follow.

What are your thoughts on #FF?

If you use Twitter on a Friday you can’t swing a cat (not recommended as it can harm the cat) without seeing a #FF or #FollowFriday. But what does #FF mean and how can you really make it work when you are a business using Social Media?

The #FF hashtag is used on Fridays, it stands for Follow Friday and the idea is that you write #FF and then tag another company that you recommend your friends and followers follow. There are two ways in which #FF are traditionally used, we feel one works a lot better than the other but it depends what you are trying to achieve;