When you’re called beautiful by a loved one, family member or friend it can feel nice. But what if you’re called beautiful by a stranger on LinkedIn. In my head, LinkedIn is for business. If I am told I look beautiful it just doesn’t feel right. It happened to me recently via a LinkedIn message, but the way the conversation went. Left me wondering if I should have felt weird about it?

Have a look at our conversation;

Me: Thanks for the connection request; what was it that attracted you to my profile?

Him: To be honest it was you. You have a perfect smile and a calm sweet look on your face which led me to open your profile and you blow my mind with your business agenda. So I thought maybe I might not use your services now due to the current situation but I am sure that I will require you when this all over. I hope that’s okay with you??

Me: Wow, thank you. I’m intrigued- what is my business agenda?

Him: Helping me by achieving more online. And also let’s be honest its always more interesting working with someone who is beautiful and who has more to offer than what’s on paper I see that in you.

Me:  Thank you, not used to being called beautiful in business. I don’t feel that impacts how good I am at my job?

Him:  Sometimes people we are so mindful about the business side of things and we forget that we are humans and we appreciate it when we get compliments. May I ask you something please?

Me: Yes you may

Him:  After you have read my compliments how did you feel?

Me: Uncomfortable

Him: I’m sorry. My apologies for that. I was only trying to make your day and maybe just maybe put a smile on your face in the time we are passing through. Please accept my apologies for the discomfort this has caused

Me: No worries at all, you asked the question and I told you.

Him: Sometimes we ought or meant to do the right thing and by so doing we go too far I think that’s what I did. Rather than motivating you to feel good about yourself I did the opposite!

So, while I stand by the fact I did feel comfortable being called beautiful and ‘sweet’, should I have? Is this a normal way to talk to people? Is it more interesting to work with people that are beautiful?

I don’t think it is. I feel beauty does nothing to help someone become more interesting. Perhaps I say this as an overweight female business owner with greying hair and a double chin?

It is just something that has played on my mind and I would love to know what you think!