In our previous blog posts, we have shared many of the benefits of blogging. These have included things like SEO ranking improvements, more traffic to the website, content to share on social media and more. However, in this blog post we would like to share with you how blogs lead to customer acquisition.

Research on this topic was recently completed by InsideView, HubSpot and Demand Gen Report. This was later shared by Finances Online. The research looked at the role of blogs in both customer acquisition and lead generation. This is what the research found.

  • 80% of companies that acquired customers use blogs for their marketing efforts.
  • 69% of companies attribute the success of their lead generation to their blogging and content campaigns.
  • 67% of companies found they got more leads gained by B2B (business to business) marketers that blog, than those that don’t blog.
  • 57% of companies that use bloggers have acquired customers through their blog posts that they have outsourced to professional bloggers.
  • 47% of companies found that their potential buyers read around 3 to 5 blog posts from a business, before they engage with a sales agent.

As you can, these are just five of the way that blogs have a strong role in leading to customer acquisition. Blogs lead to customer acquisition through marketing efforts, content marketing campaigns, B2B marketers, outsourced blogging and information for potential buyers.

If you are looking to acquire more customers for your business, then maybe blogging is the way to do it.

Here at Creative Content Company, we can create and write blogs that will lead to customer acquisition. We can also complete blog brainstorming sessions with you to help you come up with ideas for your business. Or we can offer you blog post ideas that will lead to customer acquisition for your business.

We work hard to help your business achieve more online, in any way that you need it.