If you’re a web designer and you’re wondering if there is a way that we can work with you, there is! In this blog post we look at exactly how Creative Content Company work with web designers.

For example, you can use our services to complete the content for your clients’ website. This helps you finish the project and your client is happy too.

Some web designers use us for their regular blogging needs too. Our white label blogging allows a web designer to sell on our blog posts, with a mark up. Although it may only be a small amount, it is a set amount that the web designer gets every month.

In this blog post we share some examples of how we work with web designers. These are some of the testimonials that web designers have left for us.

For example, Phillip needed a monthly blogging service offering for his clients and that is exactly what we helped him with. This is what he has to say about our blogging service.

Silver Websites

Hazel did a number of blogs for a client of mine. She did the work at a very budget-friendly price and helped grow the client’s website by supplying well researched keyword-friendly articles.

We have helped Kevin offer more through his business. This has included website content, blogging and even social media management for his clients. Kevin had the following to say about us;

Kevin Blackledge – Web Dev Kev

I have been working with Hazel for almost a year now and it is a breeze. If it is page content or blog posts for my clients, regardless of industry, nothing seems to be an issue. It’s amazing how much of a positive impact on business Hazel has making projects easier and quicker with her creative content saving my clients time and money.

Steven will often come to us with one-off projects. These may be a client that is struggling with a service page, a full website of content or some content for a property brochure. This is what Steven has to say about our services;


“Hazel and her team write copy for a lot of my clients, always to a high standard. We have worked with Hazel for a few years and never been let down by her, even when writing content for industries she has no experience of.”

Matt came to us as an old school friend in need of help offering blog posts for his wide array of clients. This is what Matt and his team had to say about us;

Profile – Digital Agency

We were very impressed with Hazel’s work!

It was fun, knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for content writing services.

She is a breath of fresh air and a shining light for the Peterborough business community.

Steve was one of the first web designers we worked with and we are pleased to still be working with them now. He frequently recommends us to his clients. This is what he had to say about our website content writing;

Federation Design Co

“Hazel and Creative Content Company are our go to content supplier and recommendation for clients, highly recommended by our company, and have been since 2014.”

Alex uses us for his own blog posts but will often recommend us to his clients too. This is what Alex has to say about our blogging and website content writing services;

Brilliant Digital

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Hazel for helping me with my recent blog posts.

Not only that you helped write the content, but you made the process so much easier and saved me time by coming up with some headline suggestions for me. So all I had to do is just pick up what I liked, and shortly after I would have a new blog post for my website.

After using your service, as a web design agency I was also more than happy to recommend you to some of our clients, and once again you’ve totally smashed it, as all of them had only nice things to say you.

It’s not just me saying that, but that’s also proven by the fact that now Hazel continues to help my clients with on-going, monthly or weekly blog posts.

I would highly recommend Hazel from Creative Content Company to anyone who’s struggling with their website content and need help writing copy for their websites, or putting their blogs on auto-pilot.

We hope this has helped you see how Creative Content Company work with web designers. If you’re still not sure, give us a call!