So, now you know who the first three clients were – you might be wondering what happened next. Did it get bigger and bigger until I hit world domination? No. But then that wasn’t what I was looking for. I really struggled with the way Creative Content Company grew. This is because I couldn’t see anyone else like me. I became an accidental business owner and loved it. But it meant I always worried I was doing it wrong. Imposter syndrome was a huge issue for me.

I knew I wanted Creative Content Company to be a great business for me. Being part of my client’s journey was hugely important to me as well. I never wanted to be a huge business with lots of staff. Instead, I wanted to carry on doing what I loved for clients that appreciated me and my skills.

The best way to explain how Creative Content Company grew, is through networking. We have a low-price entry point. This is intentional as it enables us to help small businesses like ourselves. Attending networking events always worked well for us. People we met liked what we did and what we spoke about. They were happy to gibe us a punt as it wasn’t a huge outlay. From then we got better known in the local business community and got lots of referrals too.

Internally, Creative Content Company grew by getting a great team. Angela joined the team in December 2013. She looks after all the accounts, sending invoices and more. This was something I didn’t enjoy doing and often put off. Therefore, I was delaying my pay day. Angela looks after all this for me which makes things so much easier.

Sarah joined the team in March 2020. I was struggling to keep on top of our internal marketing, and it didn’t feel right. When speaking to other business owners I was telling them to do what I say, not as I do. That just didn’t sit right with me. Of course, paid work always came first, then my company stuff came second. Now Sarah has come in, she ensures we are up to date inhouse.

Finally, we have Dan. Dan is my husband, as of April this year. As I have said in previous blogs, business is all about the person for me. Dan supports Creative Content Company at our business events, exhibitions, corporate days and work anniversaries. He has become part of the team, and another face of the company for many of our clients.

So, that’s how Creative Content Company grew to where it is now.