As a Social Media Account Manager I often speak to people who have been told to use Twitter or Facebook for their business but they just don’t know how to use it to help them in their business. Using social media sites can really help with the ranking of your website as there are rumours that Google uses social signals as part of the algorithm.

Although this is said to currently be a small part of the algorithm experts think it will become more important as social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, become more popular.

If you look back just a few years, you would go on Google and type in ‘Where can I get dinner in Peterborough?’ but now people tend to go on Twitter and write “Where can I go for a good curry in Peterborough?”, friends will then recommend different places that they have been to for a good curry in Peterborough – but how can this help your business?

If you are the curry house in Peterborough you can search ‘Curry in Peterborough’ in the top right hand corner. A list of tweets will come up where people have written variations of ‘curry in Peterborough’ and you can then chat to these people. You can tell them where to get a good curry, you can tell them about a special offer night you have at your curry house and such like.

However, if you are a pub in Peterborough you can tell people where a good curry house is, this help will be remembered and they may choose to pop in and see you before or after their curry as you have been helpful?

This works the same with car insurance; people go on and ask their friends where they recommend getting their car insurance. You can chat to them about what they are looking for and top tips for car insurance. As a car insurance company you would search ‘car insurance’ and then chat to people and advice.

It is really important not to sell sell sell but chat with people, engage and be social.