Chat GPT is a hugely useful tool when it comes to creating blog posts for your business. However, this is only the case if it is used correctly. If you use Chat GPT to write your blogs, this could do your business more harm than good. Instead, if you use Chat GPT to give you ideas for blogs – then you’re on to a winner.

If Chat GPT is just giving you a topic idea or a title, then the rest is your content. Every business is different, as is the owner of the business. This means that content based on the same topic or title will be different, based on the person that writes the content. This is how you can use Chat GPT effectively to help with blogging for your business.

Some businesses are using Chat GPT to create the idea, the topic, title and content of the post. This is a bad idea. The computer isn’t coming up with fresh content. Instead, it is collating pieces of content it is finding from across the internet. It is then copying and pasting them together into an article for you.

If you copy and paste the content and place it into your website, this could be damaging to your business. You could get done for duplicating content. It will also not be real to you, your business or your brand. The content will belong to someone else. This means that it won’t represent you or your business is the best way for your brand, tone or voice.

Think about the sort of keywords you want your business to be found for on search engines. Ask Chat GPT for blogging ideas based on these keywords. Chat GPT can give you titles, topic ideas or even bullet points for you to cover. This will give you free reign on what you say because you are sharing your take. In turn, this means you won’t be duplicating content from elsewhere as it is your take on the topic and your thoughts.

If you need help creating blog posts for your business, call our team now. We will happily blog brainstorm with you or write blog posts for your business, on your behalf.