Blog posts are an essential part of your business marketing. However, they don’t just ‘work’ overnight. Blog content offers long-term results. Unlike quick fixes such as paid or sponsored ads offered by our friends at Brilliant Digital, for example. That being said; there are things you can do to tell if blog content helps your business.

We have listed some of these things below for you;

How can I tell if blog content helps my business?

  • Increase in Brand Awareness

Have you noticed more traffic to your website? Perhaps you’ve been getting more leads? Are you getting more engagement on your social media? Check your Google Analytics and see where visitors start on your website and where they go next. If you’re seeing increases and people reading your blog posts – then blog content is helping your business.

  • CTAs and Click Throughs              

Are people clicking on your ‘click throughs’ at the end of your blog content to find out more or purchase from you? Are the readers of your blog posts following the instructions in your call to actions on blog posts? If they are – then you know that your blog content helps your business.

  • Attracting New Audience

If you have seen that new people are engaging on social media and commenting on your blogs, then blog content is helping your business. Once again, look at the Google Analytics to see if new people are coming to your website. You can quickly and easily see when new visitors read your blogs, or returning visitors come back to read more of your blogs.

  • Boost in Traffic

Are you noticing more traffic to your website? This may be because people are seeing the great content on social media and wanting to read more on your website. Each new blog post you publish will attract more visitors to your website. It will encourage visitors to regularly return to your website to read more greats blogs too. You will also see that people are spending longer on your website as there is more great content for them to read.

  • Search Engine Ranking

Good quality blog posts regularly uploaded to your website will keep your website fresh and updated. Each blog post will be targeted to a different keyword or service too. Overtime this will help boost your position on search engines as Google sees you regularly sharing great content. The extra pages on your website will be great for our SEO too.

Still not sure how to tell if blog content helps your business? Give us a call and we can chat through it with you.