Back in March 2013, Creative Content Company joined Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce and we have never looked back – but why?

When you are a brand new business you’re not sure where to turn, everyone is telling you to join various groups and organisations and everyone knows the best way you can spend the little money you have when you’re just starting out. That said, the Chamber of Commerce was different, these guys really cared about me and my business.

I went along to the free networking events in the evenings years ago when I worked for a different company; I met Peter Watts who was a really lovely man, a true gentleman. He always took me under his wing and was happy to introduce me to the right people. So when I set up my own business the first place I went was to Huntingdon Informal Networking event and the first person I saw was Peter. Having not seen him for many months I was really pleased to see he recognised me and paid general interest in what I had to say.

Peter was quick to introduce me to the right people, never forcing me to join the Chamber of Commerce but keen to welcome me back with open arms when I was ready. I have since been told by new clients and business contacts that on meeting Peter he speaks very highly of me always stating that I have come very far, before adding that he knew me before I could even drive!

Helen, Gill, Karen, Sadie and the team have been really supportive too. Such lovely ladies with whom it genuinely feels nothing is too much hassle (although sometimes I wonder if it is), they are happy to squeeze me into their exhibitions from which I have had great success. Whenever I see them they have a ready smile and are interested to hear how I am getting on.

John Bridge is the man at the top, a really lovely gentleman who I have a great deal of respect for. When John speaks to you by name and congrats you on how well you are doing you feel like you’re walking on Cloud Nine.

I recently entered the Chamber Awards of Young Business Person of the Year, coming 4th in the East of England was a huge success and to have Peter on the phone congratulating me for doing so well was a huge compliment, even more so when he took the time out to come to our Creative Content Company 1st Birthday.

Without the support and encouragement from the whole team at Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, Creative Content Company would not be where it is now. We take full advantage of their Connect magazine, their paid for and free networking events along with the business exhibitions.

If you are considering joining Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce it’s something I highly recommend, as a new business there is no other group I could recommend more.