There are lots of reasons that businesses chose to blog. One of the common reasons is that blogging increases lead generation. Companies know that blogging increases their lead generation. This means that blogging can be profitable in the long run.  Below we share some stats that show just how much blogging increases lead generation for businesses like yours.

For example, OptinMonster completed some research in 2021. They spoke to B2B marketers who said they gain 67% more leads when they blog. This is compared to B2B marketers that don’t blog. FirstSiteGuide also completed some research in 2021. They found that organisations that blog actively generate around 126% more leads that organisations that don’t.

Oberlo completed some research back in 2020. Their research found that businesses within inbound content marketing generate around three times as many leads for the business than paid advertising. It also works out a lot more affordable and is proven to be more cost effective too.

HubSpot spoke to businesses that use blogs for their marketing strategy in 2020. Their research found that 80% of these companies acquired customers from their blogging efforts. In further research, this time from GrowthBadger in 2021, it seems that the number of blogs helps too. Their research found that businesses that blog over 16 times a month will receive 4.5 times more leads than those that produce 4 or less blog posts a month.

Linchpin completed some research on blogging and how it increases lead generation. Their research was completed in 2020 with American organisations. Their research found that the average cost per lead for content marketing in 2021 is £92. This is with a high of $140 and a low of $43.

Finally, we came across some research by VisitorQueue from 2020. They found that 50% of people that arrived at a business blog or website were more likely to purchase that those visitors that came through an organic link.

If you’re looking to shake up your content marketing or want to increase lead generation for your business, we can help. As professional bloggers in Peterborough we can show you how blogging can increase your lead generation.