In an earlier blog post we spoke about the benefits of blogging for your marketing team and how blogging actually helped with marketing for your business. In this blog post we would like to talk about how blogging helps your sales team and how blogging can increase sales for your business.

Blogging Helps Your Sales Team Because You Can Answer Those Frequently Asked Questions Quickly

Blogging allows you to answer those frequently asked questions quickly. If the sales team are asked the same questions over and over again you can create a blog post that they can send out as a link via email to help the potential client, but having this blog post could also reduce the chance of the question being asked as the answer is on the website already. This frees up your sales teams time and makes their life easier, while showing your target audience that you know what you’re talking about.

Blogging Helps Your Sales Team As It Is A Great Source Of Reference

Your sales team are able to give extra information to their potential customers by sharing links to the blog posts that give the reader more information on the product or service they are considering purchasing. Comparison blogs are a really useful tool when a customer is unsure if they should buy the lower or higher priced product, or if they should purchase a service from you or a competitor. The sales team can quickly share these blog posts of interest and help the customer make the decision easier.

Blogging Helps Your Sales Team Because It Can Help Qualify Leads Better

Blogging is great for SEO and it is good for generating leads too, but blogging can actually help you generate quality leads for your business. By uploading high quality content and blog posts onto your website will help you attract the leads you want to attract because your blog posts are focused, in-depth and informative. Once you have caught the attention of those leads you want then you can direct them through other useful content and steer them towards a sale.

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