Business owners and people in business are finding the coronavirus and lock down of the UK a really tricky time. There is a lot of uncertainty around and it is only normal that people in business are wondering how their business will last through the next few months. Here at Creative Content Company we want to remind people that this will end and we will come out the other end.

While we cannot make the stress of the situation go away, we can share some stories of the challenges other people in business are going through and how they are overcoming their challenges.

In this blog post we talk to Alex of Brilliant Digital. He is the owner and founder of a small web design company in Peterborough that we work very closely with. Below is a copy of an interview with Alex of Brilliant Digital that was completed on the 28th March.

Alex of Brilliant Digital

What is the business name and what does your business do normally?

Brilliant Digital is a top-rated web design agency based in Peterborough. We help business owners and entrepreneurs with professional modern design websites. Apart from this we also provide on-going website maintenance support.

My background is in digital marketing, so we also help a lot of our clients with Google and Facebook Ads, Marketing Funnels & Email Integration and Digital Marketing Coaching.

What services do you use Creative Content Company for?

Hazel has been amazing in helping us with some of our recent blog posts. Apart from this, as a web design agency we recommend her to all our clients for writing web content or blogs.

How has CV-19 affected your business?

It’s a bit too soon to tell, but we have seen a couple of things being put on pause because of this situation. However, it’s still business as usual. We are working from home, self isolating as best as we can, continuing to support our clients with their website needs.

Have you changed your service offering to go online / digitally – if so, how?

Our service is already digital. However, due to this situation we have paused all our face 2 face meetings, and rescheduled them online with tools like Zoom, Skype, etc.

What have you struggled most with during this time?

I think it’s the uncertainty of not knowing what’s going to happen. As mentioned above, for us it’s still business as usual, however, a few proposals that were already in progress have been put on hold temporarily due to this situation.

Have there been any positive outcomes?

One of the positives is that, even though it is a difficult time, now it’s more important than ever that we support each other as businesses, friends, etc. A local business networking group that we normally attend have transitioned to online meeting during this situation. This allows us to continue to promote and connect with other local business owners. 

And also, speaking of a few proposals being put on hold, we had a few enquiries of people who are now self isolating, they cannot work. Therefore now they have more time to think about improving their business, especially their online presence. They have contacted us enquiring about website redesigns, building a marketing funnel, facebook ads etc.

How are you finding working from home?

We have already been working from home when all this has started, so for us is normal. As I mentioned above, we are a small agency. By not renting an office, keeps our costs down, therefore we can provide our services at much more affordable prices compared to bigger agencies that have huge overheads.

Is your business closed for CV-19?

We are open for business. We have clients that we are supporting on a monthly basis through our website maintenance plans, and online advertising. We are currently working on a few web design projects. 

We are self isolating as much, in our best interests, but more importantly, in our clients’ interests, to make sure there are no interruptions with our services, as we do believe now it’s more important than ever for our client to have a strong online presence.

What is keeping you going every day?

Our friends, our families and all our customers are very supportive. And we’re trying to stay positive, because sooner or later, we will get through this, and we will get back to normal, whatever “normal” will be then. 

What are you finding hardest during this time?

Business wise, as I mentioned above, it’s the uncertainty. For me personally, even though I’ve already been working from home since before this started, I’m still an outdoor person. I love my walks, recently got into photography/videos. I miss spending time outside. 

What is your top tip for other business owners?

Don’t give up on your business, on your dreams because sooner or later we will get through this. Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive. 

Try to use this time to work on your business. We are all so busy doing work for our clients, that we don’t really have time to work on the actual business, on marketing it.

Think about the long term game, digitally speaking we all want our businesses to be on the first page of Google, but that’s not going to happen overnight. So what can you do today, that will help you in the future?

Here at Brilliant Digital, we always think about what can we do more than our competitors? So that’s why now, more than even we are focusing on creating blogs, creating videos to educate our customers and position ourselves as experts in our field. 

Please say something positive about CV-19

Yes it’s crazy out there, but perhaps Earth needed a break. Now, with lots of people staying at home, the pollution was drastically reduced… The world is healing.

Would you like to share a positive quote to keep others going?

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

So, that was a rather positive outlook from Alex of Brilliant Digital. He has shared some really useful pointers to that I am sure many of us can take on board. If you would like to know more about Alex of Brilliant Digital please check out his website.