As you will have seen in our previous blog post, we wanted to touch base with our clients. Two years ago, we asked all our clients to share their experience of covid for their business. Fast forward two years and we are here again. We have been speaking to our clients about how they coped through coronavirus, two years on.

In this blog post we speak to Wendi to see how AK Sportscars coped through coronavirus. We help AK Sportscars with their social media presence. While they are still a relatively new client, we have been really pleased with the engagement and interaction from their audience so far.

So, let’s here from Wendi about how AK Sportscars coped through coronavirus.

What Does The Business Do? 

Manufacture Sports Cars

How Did The Pandemic Affect Your Business? 

The initial 2 months of lockdown was very quiet, but quickly became very busy with existing clients and new customers stuck at home wanting a project to do. Building their own car in their garage was a great option!!

What Has Changed In Your Business Over The Last Two Years? 

We have adapted and created more online systems. Parts are much more expensive and stock holding now has to be much higher due to longer lead times on majority of parts. So unfortunately, we have had to share with our clients the increase in costs.

What Were The High Points? 

Catching up with clients who while having to work from home were able to spend more time building their cars. Attending our first show with the cars when lockdown eased. It was lovely to see smiles and hope on people’s faces again.

Have There Been Any Positive Outcomes? 

For sure, we feel that everyone including staff, suppliers and clients came together and had a new appreciation to enjoy life. This is big positive for both our souls and for the business.  Many had a new outlook on life after the trials of COVID and were keen to make a point to enjoy life’s pleasures more. This included doing things off their buckets lists, which including building or buying a sports car!! 🙂

What Have You Learnt From The Last Two Years? 

Live, laugh and love with others, something we all took for granted before the Virus. Now we can appreciate it as a gift given to those of us lucky enough to come out the other side.

Do You Have Any Advice / Words Of Wisdom For Other Business Owners?

The impact of the virus has been vast throughout the majority of business sectors, even those such as manufacturing who like us were able to work throughout the pandemic. We now have reached a relatively normal life again and people are keen to enjoy life more than ever before. This should include US!! We all worked hard and had increased stress making our businesses work. So now should also be the time for us two to pat ourselves on the back for surviving and believing that we could throughout the lockdown period. Rebuilding may be slow, and the profit margins may be less for many BUT as the virus proved, we never know what is around the corner in life, so always make time to enjoy the journey.

Has AK Sportscars coped through coronavirus in a similar way to your business? We would love to hear your story too.

Meanwhile, if something Wendi has said or the AK Sportscars business has peaked your attention, why not visit their website.