The easiest way to ensure that you are posting regularly about your business is to schedule posts and for this, we would recommend Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a free social media scheduling tool, which at time of print, offered the use of 30 posts on 3 accounts, but this does change.

When you schedule a post for social media on a scheduling tool you will see that there is a character countdown; each social media platform has different character limits with Twitter having the lowest limit.

You can keep an eye on the countdown so you know how much more you can write – use the ‘link shrink’ buttons to ensure that your attached links use up less characters and don’t forget that pictures / images don’t count as an character and therefore will not reduce your character limit.

Images are recommended as these will increase engagement, this is because it stops people scrolling past your words and the picture attracts their attention.

When using social media scheduling tools it is your choice whether you will use the same posts for all platforms or change the posts for each platform. This is dependent on your business, your industry and your target audience – you may even find you don’t need to be on all of the social media platforms, but instead you want to choose the best social media platforms for your business.

Linkedin is more business style, Twitter is short and snappy, Facebook is more for engagement and Instagram is all about the pictures for example – bear this in mind when scheduling posts and considering if you want the same post for all platforms.

If you would like some help on Hootsuite please contact us directly; we are happy to offer Hootsuite Training or Social Media Training to help you get the most from your business presence online.