We were very lucky to be recommended to a potential client by an existing client recently, the contact was looking for a content writer and our client had been raving about us so the contact asked for our details so he could have some website content from us too.

Stage One: The Introduction

The introduction went really well, client was happy to use it on the recommendation of his friend and on receiving a quote was happy with our price too. He quickly got his list of 25 contacts and quotes down to two and wanted to have a chat.

Stage Two: The Phone Call

The potential client wanted to know if we could offer a monthly on-going service for a set price base on a set amount of blog posts each month, as well as the initial website content requirements and I said this was no issues at all. He then said he wanted to read the quote to me from the other company so I could quote on the same thing; it turned out that he was comparing my service to that of an SEO company that would also offer back end SEO, links, SEO reports and more.

Here at Creative Content Company we offer SEO content and front-end SEO website reviews (front end means the stuff you can see), but not an SEO service because it is a complete minefield so I explained that to the client on the phone and then sent a follow-up email to confirm.

Stage Three: The Response

The potential client replied saying;

“Thank you for your honesty and transparency so quickly. It enabled both of us to be in a position much quicker for me to make a decision. It’s very honourable when someone does this and it’s not common place these days so thank you”

We have since connected on Linkedin and he has assured me that he will pass my name onto anyone needing my services as he appreciates the open and honest approach.

Here at Creative Content Company we really do feel that honesty in the best policy and this is just one reason why.