Back in September 2013, Creative Content Company was founded by Hazel Cottrell. It’s been an incredible journey for Hazel and her team over the last 8.5 years. However, the time has come. Hazel Cottrell has left Creative Content Company. Her colleague Dan Andrews has left the Creative Content Company team too.

While all good things must come to an end. This good thing just gets better.

Hazel Cottrell is being replaced by Hazel Andrews-Oxlade. Meanwhile Dan Andrews is being replaced by Daniel Andrews-Oxlade!

That’s right, Hazel, the owner and founder of Creative Content Company, and Dan, our Corporate Support have got married. This took place on Saturday 16th April at Old Nene Golf and Country Club. Angela and Sarah from the Creative Content Company team were also in attendance at this special day. They were both bridesmaids for Hazel and they did a wonderful job.

What does it mean for our clients that Hazel Cottrell has left Creative Content Company?

Not much! If you speak to her in the next few days, it will be hard to stop her talking about the wedding. Apart from her name changing, that’s pretty much it. Hazel’s email address will stay the same and so will her Twitter for the time being. Hazel’s name will change on LinkedIn too.

However, with regards to every day management of clients online marketing, there will be no changes. They are going on honeymoon to Sri Lanka in July, but Sarah is primed to manage all urgent emails. The rest will be dealt with on their return after 12 days.

Want to know where their new name came from? You’ll have to keep an eye on future blog posts where we might tell you. If you would like to see some of their photos from the wedding, these can be found on our social media pages.

So, Hazel Cottrell has left Creative Content Company, but we know Hazel Andrews-Oxlade will be a fantastic replacement. The same can be said for Dan Andrews replacement too.