You may have seen from our newsletter or social media, Hazel, the owner and founder of Creative Content Company has a side hustle. The most important thing to note here is that it is a side hustle. No focus will be taken off the online marketing business. Instead, this side hustle offers Hazel a little bit something different.

Hazel and her husband love holidays. This includes UK breaks to Cornwall, Skegness, Manchester, Liverpool and London for example. It also includes weekend breaks abroad or further afield. In the last few years, Hazel has been lucky enough to honeymoon in Sri Lanka, enjoy holidays in Cyprus, Crete and Corfu as well as Paris, Budapest and Mallorca. Hazel loves going away. The great thing about Creative Content Company being an online marketing company is that it can be based from anywhere, not just Peterborough.

So, by starting Holidays With Hazel, Hazel is the first to get the latest deals and bargains on travel. She can also offer these to her audience to put more pennies towards more holidays. Holidays with Hazel will never overtake the Creative Content Company. It’s just a way that Hazel can convince her husband to let her go on more holidays – for ‘work’ purposes!

We are currently in the process of looking at ways we can offer extra discounts for clients of Creative Content Company, but that is still a work in progress. That’s a definite ‘watch this space’ though. If you’ve ever been a client of Creative Content Company, you’ll know that we are always looking for ways to reward and thank our amazing clients. This will just be one more way.

If you want to give Hazels side hustle a little ‘like’ on Facebook, you can find Holidays With Hazel business page here. She will sharing the latest deals on breaks in the UK and further afield. You’ll also be able to tickets for the theatre and sporting events. Not forgetting holiday extras too.

Hazel has taken on a side hustle so she can go on more holidays. Do you have a side hustle? What does it enable you to achieve?