Do you have fain in yourself? I will often joke about the amount of faith I have in myself. I might drop into conversation that we have won 12 business awards, or that we met Price Charles for example. However, when push comes to shove – it seems I definitely get that feeling of ‘inposter syndrome’.

Recently we were asked to quote for a social media project. It was a brand-new local business who had seen a testimonial from another business we helped, just like them. However, as well as social media management, they need social media ads as well. That’s not a service we offer.

So, I started calling round my contacts who I have worked with, sent clients to and worked with them on a client’s project. I was really struggling as everyone had either stopped offering it or they were too busy to take on new clients.

I then called a web design agency that we work with on their client’s blogs and website content on a white label basis. They also offer paid ads on social media. I briefly explained the project and why I thought we would work well together, and disaster struck. The client had booked a meeting with me based on the day another agency could meet them. They were the other agency – they were my competition.

These guys do some great work for some really big brands. I was really worried about the meeting later that week. It almost got to the point where I cancelled the meeting as I was so sure it would be a waste of my time and the clients because they could offer the whole package.

I thought about it more and more. The approach I decided to take was an honest one. When I met with the client, I explained we don’t offer paid ads, however the agency they were meeting later were great at what they do. I explained we have worked together before and we could offer organic posting alongside their paid ads campaign.

I left feeling confident, but that self-doubt quickly came in. Two weeks later and I still hadn’t heard from the new business. I was pretty sure the other agency had won the contract and I had not impressed them.

Then an email came through to book a virtual call. It turned out that they did want paid ads but having met five other agencies, they couldn’t find an agency that understood their needs as I did and could approach their target audience in the way I had laid out. In short – they bloody loved me!

So, I’ve been asked to quote on the contract and it’s looking very likely it will go ahead later this year. Which leaves me with my final point – have faith in yourself!