Back to the beginning of time, for social media at least, hashtags were used for Twitter and that was it. Recently Facebook joined in with the hashtag fun and back in 2013 Linkedin got involved too, but due to a lack of interest pulled it back in again – however Linkedin have joined the hashtag fun again… but only for some of us.

Most of the traffic to Linkedin is through mobile devices, so Linkedin have been working hard to update their search facilities for those using the platform on mobile devices. This includes the search bar at the top to enable users to find what they are looking for and the content search capacity has been updated too so users can find relevant on-platform material for any topic they desire.

And now the hashtag has been enabled once more; hashtags are now tappable and can lead to other relevant articles and posts that use the same hashtag – this is currently just for the Linkedin app but plans are in place to roll it out to desktop users too with a completion date of ‘very soon’ as reported by Linkedin bods.

Here at Creative Content Company we do things simply, we use one or two keywords in our social media updates and we hashtag the words we want to standout – in simple terms it is like marking a word bold or underlining it in a document so it can be easily seen and spotted in a large area of text; by hashtagging a keyword or the topic it helps the reader scroll through social media and it can catch their eye if it is a topic of interest.

The fact that social media users can click on the hashtag to find out more on that topic is an added bonus, especially when we are using the same hashtag for multiple posts as it shows us (or our client) to be an expert on that topic or industry.

If you struggle keeping up with social media and need a social media management service or perhaps you’d like some social media training to help you get ahead on social media then just ask; we are more than happy to help.