We are all for a good hashtag here at Creative Content Company. However, we also feel that there is a time and a place. On social media is a great place for hashtags. They are a way of showing people what you are talking about, of joining a conversation topic or event, or of highlighting something funny for example. But hashtags in LinkedIn invites? We really don’t think that is the right place – what does it achieve?

We recently received the following connection request from someone based in Peterborough. It read as following;

Hi Hazel,

I LIKE to connect with peeps in #Peterborough



Like we say, hashtags are great but they have a time and a place.

What are you gaining by placing hashtags in LinkedIn invites? I should be able to click on the hashtag to learn more about the topic or see other posts with that hashtag and topic. But that doesn’t work in a private message.

When I send a connection request I like it to be personal. I will say why I have chosen to connect with them, I will ask them how they are and why I think we should connect. Instead of a connection request being all about me, it is about the person I want to connect with.

Surely that’s the way it should be?

If I go to a networking event I don’t go over to a random person and say “I do website content, blogging and social media. I want to work with you.” While it is straight to the point, it could be extremely off putting.

Instead, I am welcoming. I say Hello. I ask how the person is, how their day is going, if they had a nice weekend. I then ask about them and their business. As the conversation goes on, they will ask about me and my business.

If LinkedIn is a social networking site, shouldn’t we be social and networking? Surely approach people online networking as you would in person?

That’s what we think anyway.

Keen to hear your thoughts on hashtags in LinkedIn invites.