You may have seen or heard that Hazel is ‘running’ the 5k for Alzheimers Society. This is in part due to the inspiration of Dan taking on the half marathon at the Great Eastern Run for the 3rd time. This year he will be donning his trainers and running the half marathon to raise money for Boxing Futures. They are an incredible charity in Peterborough that do some amazing things.

Dan has chosen to run for Boxing Futures, along with a friend from Ultra White Collar Boxing training.

Dan is our Corporate Events Support. He is running the Great Eastern Half Marathon for Boxing Futures because they are a local charity that he feels deserve his support and fundraising. Through non-contact boxing, Boxing Futures empower young people. They help them to develop their physical and mental wellbeing. Through boxing sessions, the young people gain confidence in themselves and belief in what they want to achieve. This charity focuses on 6-18 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The half marathon has previosuly been taken on by Dan for other local charities. Dan has continued training just as hard for this run as he has done before. He has also been supporting Hazel with her 5k training. Much to her annoyance! Hazel is hopping to finish her 5k just in time to see Dan start his half marathon for Boxing Futures.

If you would like to sponsor either of our runners, well Dan running and Hazel trying, please contact the team directly. Angela, our Accounts Administrator will be cheering them both along. Feel free to join her or cheer somewhere else along the courses. They will both be grateful for your cheer!