I have been invited by Natalie, the owner of The Little Marketing Company to talk about blogging at her Marketing Seminar in Peterborough. This will be an incredible event and tickets are still available for the marketing seminar in Peterborough of 24th September.

It is a full day event which is hosted by Natalie. I am one of four guest speaker that will be presenting on the day. Tickets are just £79 and this includes lunch and refreshments. This is an excellent cost for a really good event that will give you bucket loads of information.

What I really like about this marketing seminar in Peterborough though is the fact it’s about information. As guest speakers we are not there to give you the hard sell. Instead we are there to help you understand the marketing topic we are covering.

Talking of topics, I’m sure you’ll agree there is some really useful stuff being spoken about on the day.

Natalie has over 14 years experience in marketing and is sharing tips throughout the day, her colleague Joni will be talking about PR, the importance of it and how you can find ‘newsworthy’ stories to promote your business.

I will be presenting on blogging. I will talk about what a blog of and why they are so important. Instead of leaving it there, I will then tell you how to blog, the rules of blogging and where to share blog posts. A common problem for business owners is knowing what to blog about, so I fix that pain point too. I will share some great blog posts ideas, topics and titles so you have nothing stopping you.

Ian of Geek Designs, an old friend and business contact, will be talking about Google Adwords. Ian is a great guy for straight talking and saying it how it is. I would highly recommend listening to his talk if you are wondering about Google Adwords for your business.

The other speaker is Kristian Downer, a business contact that I have met many times. Kristian is talking about Facebook Ads and he is a guy that really knows his stuff. The information he will give you is priceless in regards to advice and ideas.

As I said, tickets are still available for this amazing marketing seminar in Peterborough. It’s £79 for one person or if you bring a colleague it is an extra £49!

Hope to see you there.