I have been invited to attend Digital People in Peterborough (also known as DPiP) on Wednesday 1st May to present. They have asked me to talk about the benefits of collaboration and how, as an example, web designers can outsource to earn more money, without doing any more work!

I’m looking forward to Guest Speaking About Collaboration because here at Creative Content Company we work with lots of web designers on white label projects. This means that we do the work for them and send it to the web designer, the client never needs to know. Or in some cases the web designer will tell their client that their content writer ‘Hazel’ is on the case and getting their work done.

How Does This Help Websites?

A client goes to the web designer for a website. The client thinks that the website will be returned to them complete. The web designer expects that the content will be provided by the client. They come to halt in the design of the website, with both parties waiting for each other.

As content writers we are able to step in at this point and write the website content for the web designer to upload on the client’s website. Or we can come in at the beginning as an additional offering from the web designer.

We have a set and pre-agreed price that we charge the web designer per page. The web designer can then choose to add a mark-up to that price which means they can earn profit on getting our copy writers to write the website content for them. However, even if they don’t put a mark-up on our price, they still get the project completed quicker and the client is happy. This results in prompt payment for the web designer.

We also create monthly or weekly blog posts for web designers which they can sell to their clients. These come with a few benefits. The web designer is able to stay in touch with the client on an on-going basis so when a new website or refresh is needed, they are at the front of the clients mind,

Another benefit is that they can get a small amount of money coming into their bank account on a monthly basis when they put a mark-up on the blog posts. When more clients opt for the blogging service, the more money that goes into the account, just for copying and pasting a document of content into the website.

The client is also happier because their website is really working for them. Good quality SEO website content and regular updates of fresh blog posts will help the website really grow online and climb the search engine rankings.

If you’d like to find out more and hear me Guest Speaking About Collaboration, why not come to DPiP on Wednesday? It’s completely free to attend!