We often go to networking events around Cambridgeshire and sometimes further afield and when we tell people what we do they tell us they have a social media presence but when it comes to social media management they really struggle with coming up with ideas of what to write in statuses, tweets and posts. This comment has become so common that we felt we should write a blog about it – to help you all with ideas of posts, statuses and tweets for your business.

A great starting point is to check out your competition. Have a look at what they are posting on their social media accounts. You can have a look on their website and they may have an RSS Feed showing the latest things they have posted, or even have a look at them on the social media platforms. If you are not sure who your competition are then use the search bar on Twitter or Facebook and search for your industry, be it Virtual PA, Accountant, Builder or Hairdresser. Whatever you do you will find that someone has used that in their company name or company description. You can then use their posts for ideas or inspiration.

Next up, have a think about what people say to you when you meet them, is there a common question that most people you meet ask you. If you say you are an ‘IT Consultant’ do people often ask “But what does that mean” – in which case you could upload a status that says “What do you think ‘IT Consultant’ means”. You can then get people engaging and guessing what you do and what your job title means. You could then write a blog post explaining what you do and s and send a link to all the people that guessed. This is a really good way of engaging with your fans and followers.

Have a look at your Google Organics. Look at the sort of things you are found for. If you are a London Tour Company and you are often found on search engines when people ask “What tours are available in London” then you could write a blog post on this, explaining all of your tours that are available. You can then post a link to this blog, putting the title in the post. This will help catch some new people who may not have heard of you before.

Sometimes you are so into your business you find it hard to think as a customer would think. If you’re stuck with ideas for posts then drop us a line. We can put our heads together and come up with some ideas to get you started. When the ideas start coming social media management will be easy again!