We work with lots of businesses helping them increase their online presence through social media. Sometimes this can mean managing social media accounts for them. Other times we will work with teams inside the business offering social media training. For some businesses this can be tricky as they ‘anti social media’ users. For clients like this we offer social media training to beginners.

However it is not a problem for us, and often isn’t for the people within the team.

A few months ago we were asked to give social media training in Stamford to a group of team leaders at a church. One of these leaders was very against social media. She quickly informed us she did not have a Facebook account. She didn’t want a Facebook account and would never use one. We explained this was no problem at all. She is now an extremely active person at posting on the Facebook page, but still doesn’t have an account!

Take a look at her testimonial of social media training to beginners below;

 “When I was told we were to have social media training in church I immediately felt my stomach churn. I don’t like social media for many reasons; additionally I fear it and don’t understand it.  I was a very reluctant participant!

Hazel delivered the necessary training with patience and empathy, totally understanding and accepting my points of view. That was great but what made it even better was the fact that I don’t even have to go on Fb to post anything at all! (My principles intact!)  Hazel showed me how to upload and post our media via Hootsuite in a straight forward ‘Muppet’s guide to…’ kind of way which was just what this dinosaur of me needed.

Although I still do not have a Fb account, nor will I ever, I can promote our church’s groups easily and quickly without any stress at all. I go as far as to say that I probably post the second highest amount from all of our team – posting at least 2 – 3 times a week which isn’t bad for someone who only works 2 days and dislikes social media! I’m never going to be its biggest fan but I now have a better understanding of how we can promote ourselves and reach a wider audience.

Well done Hazel and thank you!”

We still monitor the Facebook page, as we do after all social media training to beginners. We are so impressed with the stuff she is posting on line and the audience love it too. On arrival this person was not our biggest fan, but as you can from our testimonial from her, we did a pretty good job of getting her onside.

If you have team members that hate social media or are afraid of social media why not give us a call. We can offer social media training to beginners and they’ll be promoting your business or organisation in no time at all.