There are over 200 points to consider when it comes to Google and Google Algorithms, one of these that is definitely in the top 20 is the Uniqueness of Page Content as this will help you improve your search engine rankings and put your website higher up search engines like Google – making your website easier to find by your target audience.

Google has reported that it is less likely to rank a page on a website if the content has been produced and published elsewhere. The idea behind this pointer in Google algorithms check lists is to help stop people benefiting from other peoples hard work, for example – just copying and pasting the content from elsewhere.

If you look at the front page of Google when searching for something you’ll see there are lots of different things that come up, these will be images and pictures, videos, tweets, news stories, live results, details about the weather and even articles dating back to the 1990s and there is a reason for this.

When people use search engines like Google they have a question they want answered or a problem they want solved. Google feels that the best way that they can help their users is by offering them a variety of answers and solutions in the hope that one of these will help them in a genuine way.

What Google does not want is to present the user with a list of identical search engine results, the same articles and posts written in pretty much the same way. The way to get your website, article or blog post onto page 1 of Google is by being new and unique which having a different voice to everyone else – your own voice or a brand voice that isn’t the same as everyone else’s. This will make is more likely that Google will index you more prominently on search engines.

If you are the content writer for your business you need to be mindful and aware of this thinking. Before you write a blog post or article for your website give the keyword a quick search on a search engine like Google and see what is already on the front page, then think about how you can be different from this mix and how you can add something better to the mix.

By having unique website content, by being new and by having a different voice you’ll find that you’ll more likely be indexed higher on search engine rankings by Google.