Here at Creative Content Company we are often asked if we are good at what we do; the fact that we have been in business for over 4 years is often the answer that we must be doing a pretty good job – plus the fact we have a whole page of testimonials from happy customers confirms that we aren’t that shabby.

However, it is often tricky to give examples of the work we do as often the work we do is behind the scenes. For example, our clients don’t want everyone knowing that it is actually us and not them that create the social media updates each day and that they don’t write their engaging blog posts, but it is actually outsourced to us.

That said… very recently our work has been speaking for itself and our clients have been passing our name around behind closed doors. We would like to share two examples of this;

Example One: Social Media For A Pub

We have been looking after the business facebook page for the last 2 months since a couple took over ownership of the establishment, they asked us to post on their facebook page every day as they didn’t have time or knowhow and we gladly said we would.

Just last week they had a comment on one of their daily updates that said “It may be sad to admit it, but I actually look forward to seeing your witty updates each day on here; never fails to being a smile to my face!”

In private our client responded to them thanking them for their kind words and gave them our details stating we were the witty ones, the company they recommended is now a new client of ours and the original client has gained their referral gift of one free blog for each month the referred businesses uses our services.

Example Two: Blogging for an Accountant

An accountant was recently at a networking event and when he introduced himself to a new networker she said she was pleased to meet him as she had been reading his blog posts and was really impressed at the engaging style of them and how they related to the reader.

While the accountant took praise for these blog posts and thanked the female for her kind words, he later emailed her in private, without any other networking peoples ears around, and spilled the beans on the fact he doesn’t in fact write the blog posts but that we do and connected us with the lady in question.

She later emailed us and has arranged to meet in November for us to do blogs for her business too.

Like I say, it may be hard to show you what we do; but luckily for us our work often speaks for itself – just behind closed doors!