The decision has been made that Creative Networking and all the monthly events will be coming to an end as of 2018 – in fact our last event will be on 14th December 2017.

I set up Creative Networking shortly after I started Creative Content Company because I wanted an affordable breakfast networking event in Peterborough, shortly after this we added lunchtime networking, afternoon tea and coffee morning – it was great because while I was growing Creative Content Company it filled my spare time and I got to meet some fantastic people.

However, over 3 years later and business is booming – which means I can no longer run Creative Networking events due to a lack of time; which is a real shame as it is something I have thoroughly enjoyed and met great people through.

There are numerous events to networking and I have certainly seen attending events and hosting my own networking events as a way to grow my business and to raise brand awareness significantly.

We still have another 3 events to go out in style with, these are as follows;

  • Creative Networking Christmas Dinner at The Hampton on Friday 1st December, 6pm. You must book in advance and confirm your meal choices.
  • Creative Networking Coffee Morning at Marriott Hotel, Peterborough on Tuesday 5th December, 9am – 10.30am is just £1 per person
  • Creative Networking Breakfast Networking at The Hampton on Thursday 14th December, 7.45am-10am for £12 per person and includes breakfast, networking, a presentation and you can learn sign language

I have recently become a member of Connect Business Networking in Peterborough; a networking group run by Jason and Tracey Yearwood who have a great amount of respect for. If anyone is looking for a new networking event to try it then this one is recommended – I am happy to introduce you or you can come as my guest if you would prefer?

Special thanks go to Ellen Jackson for our incredible Creative Networking Video; that gained us Finalist Position in Cambs Digital Awards 2016 and to Ann Hovell of FM Perfumes for being the go-to lady at our breakfast networking events, for signing people in and collecting monies on arrival as well as Guy Porteous of Sterling Stock Auditors for attending and recommending Creative Networking since pretty much day one!