When you go to networking events you may be given a 30 second, 40 second or 60 second limit on a sales pitch which you will present to the room… but what happens if you feel that amount of time just isn’t enough, what happens if you have more, much more to say?

Very often I have seen professional business people go over the time slot even though they are aware. For example at Creative Networking we give a 5 second warning and then ting a glass, at Positive Networking a bell is rung and a £1 fine is to put in the put for charity and at BNI a sign is put up for a ten second warning and then time up. Yes people still go over the time slot.

Of course you think what you have to say is important but by going over your time slot you are showing a complete lack of disrespect to those that have organised the event and to the person that range the bell or made you aware your time slot was over.

You are also saying to all the people in the room that you are more important than them, that’s its not okay for everyone else to go over the 60 second slot, but its okay for you to because you are more important? Is this really the impression you want to make to a room full of potential customers that you may not have met before?

When you book onto an event check in advance if a sales pitch / presentation is required and make sure you have planned, written and practiced it in advance. Ensure that it can be spoken clearly and slowly without going over the time slot given.

Make sure your pitch stands out for the right reasons!

If you want to try out your 60 seconds on a friendly audience, why not come along to a Creative Networking breakfast? There is no membership charge, just come to the events that interest you!