When it comes to the content on your website, you want to make sure it gets read. Of course good quality, unique and engaging website content gets seen by Google – but it would be nice if real people read your content too. How does your attention get attracted to content? Bear this in mind and use those thoughts when writing your own website content.

People love reading articles that teach them something or help them learn, this type of reader will want to know the benefit of taking the time to read the article so use your headline to tell the readers what they are going to learn about in the article.

It is important to remember that you are not expected, nor is there any need to reinvent the wheel while you are writing your website content. Many readers will enjoy headlines that offer a ‘list’ or they are a ‘How To Guide’ as people feel these will help them and they can skim read through these articles quickly if they need to.

You will often find that real statistics are more popular than opinions, if you have data and statistics that backs up and confirms what you are saying then make sure you use it and include a link to the source too for added trust and reliability.

Yes we write website content for Google but it’s important to keep your reader, a real life person, in mind when you are writing website content for your business. Never keyword stuff or use titles to attract Google as this will be seen as boring for the reader, which Google will soon notice.

Evoking curiosity can be a great way to get someone to read your website content, people are naturally curious so when your headline piques that curiosity they will want to click and find out more by reading your content.

If you can spark a feeling of emotion then you’re onto a winner of a headline that will attract attention and a piece of website content that will be read.

Everywhere you look you will see that Google Loves Content, so try and have as much unique, engaging and high quality website content as possible!