Here at Creative Content Company we have been members of Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce for 3 years; we have attended the informal networking events, spoken at the more formal events, had stands at all 5 of their exhibitions (including the St Neots one) and had our articles in the Chamber Magazine.

We also have lots of clients who are Chamber of Commerce in Cambridgeshire and we have written a lot of articles for them too; so why not turn this offering into a service for anyone looking to get the most out of their Chamber of Commerce membership?

Well that is what we have decided to do; we have the dates that articles are required by to get your article in the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce magazine and we know the limit is 100-150. Sadie is awesome at chopping out words or adding in words if she has extra space too so you’ll have no problems there.

We will create an article for you that you can send to Sadie at Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce and if she has room she can pop the article in, but if not then she will pop it in the next magazine. We have never had an article refused, because Chamber of Commerce are pleased to help you promote your business as you are a member.

You can then use the article for a short blog post on your own website, you can send it to the local press, you can share the article on facebook or share it as an article on Linkedin? The content is yours to do with as you choose.

We are offering this service for just £20 per article and we can discuss regular articles with you in the hope of getting you in the Chamber magazine every month. The article will be sent to you as a word document and you can send it to the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce team who will hopefully be able to pop it in the next magazine.

Being a member of the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce is a very worthwhile thing but you need to make the most of it; this service can help you!